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The task

The aim is to design and optimize a roof structure for a market hall in the centre of Leipzig.

The location of the hall will be on Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, which was the original location for a similar hall before the war. The whole are has never been rebuilt and forms now the largest open building plot near the city centre.

Studies have identified a possible location for the hall on Grünewaldstraße opposite the park on Brüderstraße.

We are going to concentrate solely on the enclosure of the hall. All accommodation such as toilets, offices, storage etc. is assumed to be in free standing container type spaces in the inside of the hall without contact to the enclosure.

 The enclosure has to fulfil two major requirements, which are to optimised by parametric iteration.

 1.) Optimisation of structural performance in order to reduce the weight of the structure. Other design criteria such as form, variation of height, focussing on entrances or urbanistic aspects can be included in the rationale of the optimisation.

 2.) Climatic performance. This is to be optimised in two ways.

a.) The enclosure is fully or in parts to be used as a solar power plant by covering it with PV cells. The areas covered by the cells need to have an optimum orientation towards the sun.

b.) Whilst the interior of the hall should be as light and airy as possible, direct solar radiation ist to be avoided wherever possible.

Lorry access

The hall can cover the area shown in the plan. The enclosure has to provide for gates for lorry access at two vageuely opposite endes of the hall. Gate size has to be 5 x 5m minimum.

Entrances and escape

Customer access is to be separate from the lorry access. One or more access points can be provided. Emergency escape has to be provided so that from any point within the hall an exit can be reached within 25m distance (the German building code states 35m, but this is taking into account the actual travel distance which could be obstructed by stalls and/or buildings in the hall).


80% of the hall should have an internal clear height greater than 6m to accommodate single storey containers.

40% of the hall should have an internal clear height greater than 10m to accommodate double storey containers.


A simple model of the surrounding area will be provided on a central server for use by all teams.


Licences for rhino 5, grasshopper (parametric design), karamba (structural optimisation) will be provided on Wuala.

Building Access

24 hour access to the building can be provided by guest access cards for all non HTWK-participants. We ask for a € 20 deposit on these cards, which will be refunded after return of the card.

Server Access

User name and password for the server will be distributed at the beginning of the work shop. The server can be accessed via WLAN in the rooms G431 and G432 used for the workshop.

A Wuala-Cloud-Directory will be made available for each group to store and exchange data.


Printers are available in G125. Printing costs are charged to the user. This service is only available to HTWK-participants. Please arrange within your team to use the printers. We may be able to provide a printer and printer server in the workshop spaces for fast uncomplicated printing.


We are aiming to present the results of each group on Monday from 17 hrs onwards in the "Südtreppenhaus". Panels to fix plans etc. on will be provided.




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